Mexican Chicken Chili (Copycat Soups) (#SoupSwappers)

Mexican Chicken Chili recipe, Copycat soup recipe, Seinfeld Soup Nazi recipe, chicken chili knockoff recipe, The Saucy Southerner

Mexican Chicken Chili

This recipe for Mexican Chicken Chili is a knockoff copycat recipe of Al Yeganeh’s Soup Kitchen International in New York City.  Copycat Soups is this month’s theme for Soup Saturday Swappers.  Continue reading

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Shetland Hot Smoked Salmon Pâté and Oatcakes (#FishFridayFoodies)

Smoked Salmon Pâté recipe, Shetland Island Smoked Salmon Pâté recipe, Oatcake recipe, Scottish Oatcake recipe, The Saucy Southerner

Smoked Salmon Pâté and Oatcakes

This Shetland Hot Smoked Salmon Pâté recipe and Oatcakes are this month’s Fish Friday Foodies post. So…It’s the method of smoking the salmon that is hot, as opposed to the cold smoked method, and “oatcakes” aren’t cakes at all…they are crackers.  Let me tell you about it.  Continue reading

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Schnapps Peaches and Creamsicle (Boozy Pops)

Schnapps Peaches and Creamsicle, boozy pops, grownup popsicle, popsicles for grownups, peach schnapps, peach popsicle, the saucy southerner

Schnapps Peaches and Creamsicle

This recipe for Schnapps Peaches and Creamsicles is the second installment in what I like to call Boozy Pops. Just for grown-ups, these popsicles are peachy and creamy, slightly boozy and the perfect way to thumb your nose at the Dog Days of Summer.   Continue reading

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Tomato Juice for Canning (Canning Week)

Tomato Juice recipe, tomato juice for canning, home canning, fresh tomato juice, the saucy southerner

Tomato Juice

Fresh homemade Tomato Juice is one of the easiest canning recipes! It’s Day Five of Canning Week, so I thought I’d end the week with a super-simple recipe for making your own Tomato Juice. There are only two ingredients and this juice is amazing. Pro tip: It makes the best Bloody Marys. Ever.  Continue reading

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Preserving Basil (Canning Week)

Preserving Basil, Freezing basil in olive oil, the saucy southerner

It’s Day Four of Canning Week on the site and today I’m not canning. Instead I’ll be telling you the simplest way to Freeze Basil to preserve that fresh herb flavor for use in sauces, soups, stews, salad dressings, or even to toss with pasta.  Continue reading

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Tomato Relish (Canning Week)

Tomato Relish recipe, canning tomatoes, Bruschetta topping for canning,

Tomato Relish – Bruschetta Topping

A recipe for Tomato Relish for use as a Bruschetta Topping is the third installment for Canning Week! The recipe is simple, the results are wonderful and you will have a stock of topping for Bruschetta to take you through the winter! Plus, it makes great gifts! Win!  Continue reading

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Tomato Jam (Canning Week)

Tomato Jam recipe, tomato jelly, canning tomatoes, canning, preserving, southern food, the saucy southerner

Tomato Jam

Tomato Jam, a Southern Appalachian favorite, is a way to preserve the fresh tomato flavor of summer in a jar. Used as a condiment on sandwiches, slathered on biscuits, and even as an amazing addition to a cheeseboard, tomato jam will become a favorite for you too! Canning Week’s second recipe, this is one you must try. It is great for gift giving…if you can stand to give it away! Continue reading

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Dill Pickle Relish for Canning (Canning Week)

Dill Pickle Relish recipe for Canning, pickle relish recipe, dill pickle relish canning, the saucy southerner

Dill Pickle Relish

The first post for Canning Week, this recipe for Dill Pickle Relish results from an overabundance of cucumbers from my Wee Kitchen Garden. An essential ingredient in Southern-Style Mustard Potato Salad, we go through a lot here in the Saucy household; I’ll be making my own from now on. Make your own, too! Continue reading

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Wee Kitchen Garden Update for Canning Week

Cutting Garden, Wee Kitchen Garden, The Saucy Southerner

Today’s post is an update on the Wee Kitchen Garden; filled with photos of the garden’s progress since its move. It is also the precursor for Canning Week! All this week, I’ll be sharing recipes with you for canning fresh garden produce! Get those canning kettles ready!  Continue reading

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Grilled Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken

Grilled Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe, sweet and sour sauce recipe, how to grill chicken method, the saucy southerner

Grilled Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken

When homemade Spicy Sweet and Sour Sauce meets Grilled Chicken, it’s a match made in heaven! In this recipe for Grilled Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken I not only give you a recipe you’ll use for all your sweet and sour needs, but I give you the method for perfectly grilling chicken every time!  Continue reading

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