Happy First Day of Autumn!

The sofa table pumpkins

I decided to take the rainy day we had yesterday to begin the Autumn-ification of the Saucy house. Each year, I change our Christmas tree theme; so, I try to match my Autumn/Thanksgiving themes to coordinate. This year’s tree is going to be “Sticks and Twigs Go Elegant.” I thought you might like a peek at how I used that theme for Autumn.  

I used to be of the holiday decorating school that required every surface to be covered with “stuff.” I’ve come to realize that, for me, less is more. The upside to that old philosophy is that I have a tremendous assortment of “stuff” to choose from now for holiday decorating.

So, I’ll sprinkle out bits of it, here and there, throughout the house, following whatever theme I’ve chosen for the year.  I start that decorating in the Autumn…just because I like for our house to be festive for the Fall and Thanksgiving. Generally, I will give a hint for my Christmas tree theme in the Autumn decorations.

This year’s Christmas, as I said, is going to be “Sticks and Twigs Go Elegant.” So for the Autumn, I really wanted to highlight twiggy looking things.  I don’t do much…just enough to make it feel festive throughout the house. Besides what I’ve shown below, the only other thing I did was to place some seasonal paper hand towels in the guest bathroom. Just a few little touches made a real difference, though.

Here’s a peek at this year’s Autumn-ification.

Autumn above the Fireplace

Autumn above the Fireplace

My antique bread bowl re-purposed on the coffee table.

My antique bread bowl re-purposed on the coffee table.

An antique English soup tureen for the dining room table.

An antique English soup tureen for the dining room table.

And, of course, the china cabinet gets a remake for the season. I do this four times a year, changing out china, rearranging, displaying and storing what I’m not using in other china cabinets and sideboards:

The tippy-top...

The tippy-top…

The top shelf...

The top shelf…

The second shelf...

The second shelf…

Happy Autumn from our house to yours...

Happy Autumn from our house to yours…

Happy Autumn!


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8 Responses to Happy First Day of Autumn!

  1. It all looks so cozy! I love it!

  2. Lisa says:

    So pretty! Hey – what pattern is our soup tureen? It reminds me of my mother’s pieces: “Ironstone – ivy pattern”. She was always on a quest for more. Very lovely autumn décor. Your home must be a very welcoming spot.

    • P~ says:

      Lisa, The china mark is John Maddock & Sons Royal Vitreous. I purchased the piece about 20 years ago when I lived in Nashville; I have searched and searched to find other pieces, but to no avail. Thank you for your kind comment, I wish I could have been more helpful. P~

  3. Donna Gregory says:

    Looks fabulous Paula!

  4. So lovely, P! 🙂 I like your style!!

    • P~ says:

      Thank you, Addie. I love this time of year…the build up to all the holidays. I’m always excited about my theme for my tree. I love trying to be creative each year. P~

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