Derby Day Favourites – A Collection of Kentucky Traditions for Derby Day Celebrations

Classic Mint Julep Derby Day Kentucky Traditions

Classic Mint Julep

Derby Day is the first Saturday in May, so it’s fast approaching. This is a compilation of archived posts that will give you some ideas for a smashing Derby Day Celebration, with all the traditions of Kentucky.  

There’s nothing like the first Saturday in May for a Kentuckian to stir the traditions and the heartstrings.  Conjecture might equate that sentimentality to the consumption of the favourite beverage of the day, the Mint Julep.  But it runs deeper than a drink, it’s Derby Day…the Run for the Roses; Kentucky voices, raised in song, reminisce about their Old Kentucky Home prior the The Race.

Be sure to have Classic Mint Juleps on hand…here’s the recipe link.

Next up is another Kentucky tradition for Derby Day in the Saucy household, when we pull out the stops; what better way to celebrate the Run for the Roses than with Mint Juleps and the Kentucky sandwich tradition, the Kentucky Hot Brown? Here’s the link to the recipe.

Kentucky Hot Brown Derby Day Tradition

Kentucky Hot Brown

Don’t forget, no Derby Day Party would be complete without Kentucky Beer Cheese! And if you’re suckin’ down those Mint Juleps, something to munch on is a smart thing indeed. Here’s the link the the recipe for Kentucky Beer Cheese.

Kentucky Beer Cheese Johnny Joe Allman

Kentucky Beer Cheese

Finally, if you’re looking for something sweet to add to the Kentucky Derby Day Traditions, there’s Kentucky Bourbon Balls.

Kentucky Bourbon Balls

Kentucky Bourbon Balls


Have a wonderful Derby Day!


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