Thanksgiving Menu Recipe Roundup

Thanksgiving Roundup

I decided to do a quick recipe roundup for you just in case you’re still in a dilemma about what your final Thanksgiving menu will be. I have one cocktail, two appetizers, two side dishes and two desserts. Of course, I’ve included my recipe for brined herb roasted turkey too! And! I’ve included a link to my friend Addie’s round-up of EIGHTY Thanksgiving recipes! Make that list and head to the market!

The star of the Thanksgiving show is always the turkey. You have never met a more moist, delicious turkey than this one. Not only that, but the brining method makes the cooking time negligible. Last year, my twenty pound turkey was DONE in three hours. The herbs and fruits stuffed in the bird give it more flavour and enhance the flavours in the brine. Brined Herb Roasted Turkey:

Brine recipe for turkey herb roasted

Brined Herb Roasted Turkey


For the pre-feast: Pomegranate Sangria. This is a really good way to stretch your Thanksgiving meal buck. Besides being fruity and refreshing, because Sangria is mixed with juices, it makes a little bit of wine go a long way. Also, I’m not as concerned about having a fancy wine when I make sangria. Break out the box, or Château de Box as I like to call it! *wink*

Next: Spicy Cheddar Cheese Ball Pumpkin! This is simple, darling, quick to make and throw together with some crackers or some vegetables for snacking. It’s a perfect way to keep the hungry hordes from being under your feet in the kitchen.

And third: Dill Pickle Dip: Add this to your spicy cheese ball pumpkin and you’ve got a second option to go with the crackers and vegetables.

For side dishes there is Roquefort Walnut Green Beans: You have not met a side dish for Thanksgiving that is easier than this one. It goes together in just minutes! It was such a hit at our house, that this recipe has been passed on to others who have made it a tradition, too! Try it!

The second side dish is Apple Cranberry Stuffed Acorn Squash: This is really two recipes in one! Cranberry sauce and acorn squash! Voila! Save room on that plate.

Dessert options are Cushaw Pie (which you could make with pumpkin) and Bourbon Pecan Pie Cheesecake. They need no explanation. I’m drooling just thinking about them.

There are many more ideas under Holiday Cooking in my Recipe Index (links included), too.

If that isn’t enough for you, go check out my friend Addie’s post over at Culicurious. She complied eighty…yes 8. O. recipes in her Recipe Roundup from all over the place…and used two of mine too!

Happy planning!


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, P! 🙂

    Your recipes all look so delicious! I especially love the sound of that sangria. And your turkey is so lovely.

    Happy Thanksgiving week!!

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