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  1. Mary K says:

    looking for salsa…help!

  2. Sylvia-Lynn says:

    I discovered your website a few months ago while looking for a recipe…it has since become my “Go To” site when I am looking for something. I love all the recipes I have tried and will now try your grits recipe. My husband is from Spain but travels a great deal across the US and Loves grits!! Being a native California gal, I have never had them…I will give your Garlic Cheese Grits a try!!

    • P~ says:


      You have absolutely no idea how happy that makes me! Thank you so much, I am flattered and so happy you have liked the recipes.

      The Garlic Cheese Grits are killer, if I do say so! I hope you’ll let me know how you like them! P~

  3. Diane Beith says:

    You make the best pesto, but I can’t find the recipe. My basil is getting big.

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